Your guide!

Why this blog? Good question!

Hi! My name’s Heather and I’ll be your guide over the coming months while I am studying to become an official Helsinki guide.

The short answer to the question is that I’d like to get back in the blogging sphere (blogger sphere?). My company (Heather’s Helsinki) does have it’s own blog, but my inspiration has been lacklustre lately.

The long answer is that I’d like to diarise / document this coming year. We’ve just completed the first two days of our course, and I can see that it’s going to be a momentous year. I’d like to chart my growth as we move through the year and the different modules.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to experiment with different posting types and styles, and see what works best. Maybe I keep going the same way I have been, or maybe I can mix it up a little. For instance, right now I don’t do video. At all. Ever. Maybe, by the end of the year you’ll see me in front of the camera.

The lowdown on me is I started this course 2 years ago and it all went sideways (100% my fault) so after spending a fair while trying to decide whether to continue or not, I bit the bullet and applied to start again. Luckily for me they said yes and now the journey begins anew.

If you must know the personal stuff (and I’ll be sharing this along the way eventually) there is a Finnish spouse, Finnish / Australian son, dog, car, mortgage etc. My origins are Tasmania, Australia, pretty much the opposite side of the world from where I am sitting and typing right now.

Oh, and I do food tours 🙂 that’s my thing!


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