Hungry for Helsinki #01

… also known as ‘on my plate today’! One of my posts last weekend was about our new family member ‘Noa‘. Today we ventured into the city to test out riding on a bus, catching the metro (and using lifts) and as an added bonus we caught a tram! Destination: CafĂ© Ursula! The walk from Tehtaankatu…

Feeling reflective # 02

He’s a design rock star! He’s design royalty! He’s a design superhero! He’s our very own Eero Aarnio and right now there is tribute being paid to him at the Design Museum. Hurry it won’t be there for much longer 😉  

Helsinki: An alternative to Venice ;)

The canal at Ruoholahti is just one of the many little water ways in and around Helsinki. The above picture was taken today from a the terrace area of a restaurant that sits on the canal (Faro Channelside). I’ve cycled and walked past it many times, although today was the first time I’d arrived by sea. on…

Feeling reflective # 01

My regular morning walk takes me past these boats and this morning I am pondering how to tell you about our 3rd day – and most exciting day it was too!