Helsinki: An alternative to Venice ;)

Ruoholahti canalThe canal at Ruoholahti is just one of the many little water ways in and around Helsinki. The above picture was taken today from a the terrace area of a restaurant that sits on the canal (Faro Channelside). I’ve cycled and walked past it many times, although today was the first time I’d arrived by sea. on the land side, but never approached from the sea.

To reach the canal you have to pass by the old cable factory and under the Crusell Bridge. Both fabulous structures in their own right.

Best part about the restaurant: dog friendly – on the terrace at least… which is very typical for Helsinki restaurants.


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  1. viatourismus - matkalla says:

    It could be very good marketing slogan Helsinki- an alternative to Venice as they are having already probles in Venice for having too many Tourist visiting the city… They could promote the city telling the tourists that hey… we are to crowded – please go to HELsinki 🙂


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