Family challenges #01

I’m surprised to announce that our family of three + 1 dog has grown to three + 2 dogs 😉

Noa - our latest addition

This morning when we left the house I had the day mapped out to a certain extent: visit the dog we were thinking of adopting, catching up with Habitare, do some office work in the afternoon and head to Porvoo for dinner.

Instead it was adopt the dog, cancel the dinner reservation and rush around finding dog beds and making sure we have enough food for them both!

After being home for a few hours they are slowly getting used to each other. The older dog is now realising that this new pup isn’t leaving anytime soon. As I type this, they have started to wrestle, so I have high hopes that this new addition to the family will be settled in no time!

Work and study-wise this adds a new twist to the routine. I had hoped for a longer time at home with them both before leaving them on their own. Now there are a couple of days next week that will require deft timetabling all around – that in itself is worthy of its own post – especially after last week when Microsoft decided that my accounts needed suspending! Stay tuned for that story also!


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