Are you Hungry for Helsinki?!

Day 1:

Day 1 was introduction time: to the school, to the teachers, to the support staff, to our fellow students and the expectations. I took a few notes, managed to take one picture and have a chat with one of my fellow students on the bus home.

Day 2:

Now it’s getting serious. Computer user id’s and passwords were distributed. Blogging was one of discussed. The ihana Moodle was introduced to us. Our pictures were taken. Then it was crunch time.
One of our core study areas is called ‘YritysjaInnovaatioLab 2016-2017‘ which roughly translates as Entrepreneurship & Innovation Lab 2016-2017. We students split into groups that act as companies, working with clients (out in the real world!) to bring about a product that can (hopefully) be sold to the travelling public.
In my pre-reading before class, I thought I had made up my mind and knew which Lab I wanted to join. Now, after listening to the descriptions of the other Labs, I’ve come to the conclusion that my first choice is not necessarily the best for me, and by joining another Lab, I’ll be pushing my own boundaries. Why work with something you know, when the great unknown is just around the corner!

Now I need to get ready for work tomorrow. Day 3 will involve getting out and about 🙂

About the picture: autumn morning of September 6th, 2016, Herttoniemenranta (beachside suburb of Helsinki).


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